Song of the Night #169: “Son of Man” by Ulver


Wolves, back to their truest form. Enheartening.


“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” ~ Angela Monet


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Song of the Night #164: “Little Blue Bird” by Ulver


“Melancholy were the sounds on a winter’s night.”

~ Virginia Woolf


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Song of the Night #113: “In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings” by Ulver


“Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous.” - Yehudi Menuhin


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Song of the Night #101: “66-5-4-3-2-1” by Ulver


Hello Summer


“Music is the key to the female heart.” - Johann G. Seume


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Song of the Night #92: “Lost In Moments” by Ulver


“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.” - Edgar Watson Howe


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Song of the Night #85: “Thieves In The Temple” by Ulver featuring Siri Stranger


“Music was invented to confirm human loneliness.” - Lawrence Durrell


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Song of the Night #75: “Vowels” by Ulver

loveless vessels
we vow
solo love
we see
love solve loss
else we see
love sow woe
selves we woo
we lose
losses we levee
we owe
we sell
loose vows
so we love
less well
so low
so level
wolves evolve

“Nothing is capable of being well set to music that is not nonsense.” - Joseph Addison


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Song of the Night #67: “Blinded by Blood” by Ulver

“Music really ought to have been a hermetical science, enshrined in texts so hard and laborious to decipher as to discourage the herd of people who treat it as casually as they do a handkerchief! I’d go further and, instead of spreading music among the populace, I propose the foundation of a ‘Society of Musical Esotericism…’” - Claude Debussy in a letter to a colleague in 1893

The signal made me do it.


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Song of the Night #58: “For the Love of God” by Ulver

For the Love of God is a song that didn’t always mean much to me before a sudden illness took me. Nearly dying a few times, my mind kept retreating to a place where I was myself, yet someone else. I lived an entire life in this mental/spiritual retreat.

I had no music in the hospital, so my mind had to compensate. The chorus line “Going Down Faster Than The – Going Down Deeper Than The…over and over and over again, for weeks on end, until I woke up, frankly bored of my retreat.

“Life after Life” possibility confirmed to me 100%. If my body had stayed dead, I would have continued life either at my retreat, or elsewhere, but certainly not simply “Dead.”

The lyrics derived of the Christian revelation; horrific mythology.

“If the King loves music, it is well with the land.” – Mencius

Going down faster than the… Light

Going down deeper than the… Dark



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Song of the Night #36: “Wild Cat” by Ulver

From the film score of Svidd Neger, which was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy, this Ulver track Wild Cat is it’s most haunting and spooky selection.

Wild Cat stands in stark contrast to the scene itself, which is one of the most memorable and hilarious scenes from this intensely dark comedy.

“Opera is where a guy gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings.” - Robert Benchley


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Song of the Night #30: “The Future Sound Of Music” by Ulver

This being the official 30th song of my 30 Nights 30 Songs experiment, which inexplicably lasted for almost 2 months, I thought I’d end off with one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands, and arguably the most progressive band ever.

I intended to not repeat any artists for the first 30 Nights. I thought I’d go with my mood, whatever I felt like hearing, but I usually feel like hearing a lot of the same music (mostly Norwegian or just Scandinavian based) and this song tops the list off so well I had to post it. Going forward, I don’t intend to bind myself with any self imposed restrictions.

Song: The Future Sound Of Music

Band: Ulver

Quote: “Music expresses feeling and thought without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” - Robert G. Ingersoll

Afterthought: This is music for the stations before and after sleep. Headphones and darkness recommended.


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Song of the Night #19: “Brødre Rev.” by Ulver

Ulver, which in English translates to “Wolves”, is my favourite group. Wolves Evolve. 

Ulver started out as a Norwegian Black/Folk Metal band in the ’90s, and began experimenting – released an all acoustic album, recorded a soundtrack to William Blake’s literary masterpiece “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, went electronic, went orchestral, scored a few films – and this song Brødre Rev. is from thier score of the Norwegian film Uno. 

Brødre Rev. Very simple. Very Beautiful.

“(Music’s) language is a language which the soul alone understands, but which the soul can never translate.” - Arnold Bennett

You’ll want to hear that again.


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