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that 'garage days' LP is a boot but a cool one at that. i've never seen it and wish i owned it myself. the '82 portion is the 'no life 'til leather' demo and had McGovney and Mustaine on it. the LP i think is missing a few tracks from the demo. also, that song 'the mechanics' (correct spelling is mechanix) was used on the debut Megadeth LP. the '83 portion looks like a 'ride the lightning' demo. thanx for enlightening me to this LP!

Had a roomate who owned it. Thought it was so cool because Burton is listed on the back on bass, but Ron is on the cover. Also cool because it’s the original Garage Days, which as you know, influenced two future release names. Get the feeling it was a self financed bootleg, or at least a release they took a lot of pride in at the time. I’ve got a lot of extremely rare Metallica vinyl, but I’d kill for a copy of the original, coveted Revisited!